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Unemployment Initiative

Posted by ALEX TEES on January 2, 2012 at 1:35 AM



Now in 2020  we have a relatively low unemployment rate ; it is proposed that Governments should in fact be planning to abolish this scourge............

It is proposed for Australia  that ;

1.All Unemployment benefits/Centrelink employment related benefits be abolished.

2.Money otherwise spent on funding the payments and its administration could be utilised to commence A GOVERNMENT GURANTEED EMPLOYMENT CORPORATION. (GGEC)

3.Other funding could be derived from a further increase in tax on tobacco and alcohol ,initial budgeted seed funding of a low budgeted nature from the Federal government by way of a start up grant ,the formation of an Unemployment insurance system which would guarantee employment at a reasonable min wage for every one;existing employees would pay a tax deductable compulsory small percentage insurance premium as would all major employers and gradually smaller employers at a small percentage rate.

4.GGEC would invest all funds received and this would assist to fund this system.

5.GGEC would primarily place employees in receipt of a GGEC claim with private enterprise in needed areas but also in productive areas of State,federal and local government.

6.In time GGEC would also fund training and re training of all employees made unemployed as well as placement etc and would also subsidies childcare for sol parents and their re training also.

7.Another possible source of funding could possibly be a New Drugs Tax..all persons found with any quantity of illegal drugs would be issued an administrative tax notice assessment in addition to any possible criminal penalties through from the smallest amounts of so called light drugs right upto larger proportionate assessments for larger amounts and other harder drugs.The tax could be collected through the now very efficient parking fines and other systems which already in exist in NSW via the State Debt recovery office...................

Enquiries on this initiative to PA Sydney Email admin@legalexchange.com.au Tel 02 9281 3230

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